We are in uncertain times

During times of uncertainty such as now, while we are either stuck at home or providing essential services to keep the world running, it can be a struggle to remember to be compassionate to ourselves and the rest of the world.

So, I’m here to remind you to:

Be compassionate towards yourself.

Be compassionate towards others.

Stay home unless you are an essential worker.

A few ways to be compassionate:

Remember to breathe. Use this handy breathing tool to help.

Set aside time for self-care activities that support your physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. This could include facetime meetups with friends, setting healthier boundaries, and remembering to eat.

Meet with your healthcare team when you need to/are able to. Don’t procrastinate on this. Your team is here to support you.

Tell yourself that it is ok if you are not #GOALGETTING right now. It’s ok to spend most of your time dealing with obligations and fire drills or even just sitting on the couch. Now is not the time to be a perfectionist. Our goals will still be there when we are ready to pursue them again.

Honor both your hunger and your feelings during this time. There is nothing wrong with eating comfort foods and snacks.

Set adequate boundaries. Can’t be a mom, teacher, caregiver, star employee, perfect friend, and five-star chef all the same time? Setting boundaries helps you conserve energy and do the things that matter most.

The stay-home message:

Be safe. Stay home if you are able to. Be compassionate towards yourself and towards others.